Sugar glaze


Delicious sugar frosting!

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Name: Sugar glaze
Ready in: 5 minutes

- 120g confectioners' sugar
- 15ml corn syrup
- food coloring (to choice)
- 30ml water
- everything else you want to add

 1. In a bowl, mix well the confectioner's sugar and water.
 2. Slowly add the corn syrup.
 3. Add food coloring if you want.

It can't be easier. This sugar glaze only requires 4 ingredients and is ready in a few mix. All you need is a bowl, a way to mix and some cookies/cupcakes and you are ready for a great dessert. Make sure to take a look in the other categories if you want to try more frosting recipes:Buttercream -Chocolate -Cream cheese - Peanut butter